Project name: Transformace pro VŠ na UK – Specifický cíl A 4 – Spatial Data Analyst 

Project registration number: NPO_UK_MSMT-16602/2022 „Funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU“

Project duration: June 2022 – July 2024

Project name: Národní institut pro výzkum sociekonomických dopadů nemocí a systémových rizik

Project registration number: LX22NPO5101, funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU

Project duration: June 2022 – December 2025

Abstract: The National Institute for Research on the Socioeconomic Impact of Diseases and Systemic Risks – SYRI for short – is built on strengthening the mutual links and scientific collaborations between Masaryk University, Charles University and institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences. It brings together 150 scientists under one roof. The Institute will collect data on social processes that accompany crisis and risk situations such as pandemics. Based on this data, it will then formulate recommendations on how to solve the problems.

The MDC team provides data support and creation of advanced map visualizations.

SYRI map and data portal available here